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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a couple questions, Can we set up a quick phone/video call?

We prefer to communicate via Email as this helps us keep our many conversations organized with potential and current puppy families. Facebook Message and Text message are also good ways to contact us. While we wish we had the time to speak with everyone over the phone/video call who sends an inquiry, we are unable to due to the large volume of inquiries requesting a quick call. A quick call almost always turns into 45 minutes or more. Providing the level of care, love, attention and socialization we strive for is a 24 hour a day 7 days a week job. Unfortunately, this does not allow us to be on the phone all day. We want everyone to be as comfortable as possible with our process. This is after all a very big commitment. We have several social media references from our current puppy owners!

Facebook ~ Connect with us and our current puppy families! Check out our "Sound Off" pinned post where you can see current puppy families experience with us and connect with them!

Instagram ~ @kutabayskennel ~ #kutabayspuppyowners

Can we stop by to visit your Puppies, Dogs and tour your facilities?

We take the health and safety of our dogs and puppies very seriously. Many illnesses (especially the very contagious Parvovirus) and diseases are easily transferred via clothing and shoes. As part of our bio security protocols, we do not give tours of our facilities or nursery. This is not only to protect our dogs and puppies, but your puppy as well if you decide to add a Kutabays puppy to your family.


Unfortunately, it is just not safe for us to invite strangers into our home for pickup. We do not currently have a safe/controlled meet and greet space at this time other than our home. We currently only meet in a public place for meets/pickup once the puppies are 8 weeks old and have had their first vaccine. This is for our families personal safety. 

Do you health test your dogs?

The health of our sires and dams is a crucial part of our program. All of the dogs in our program are health tested or in the process of completing their health testing. Copies of parents test results are included in each puppies folder that go home with them. We also have test results listed on our parent dog page.

Are Doodles Hypoallergenic?

Technically, no dog can be guaranteed to be hypoallergenic as different people can be allergic to different aspects of a dog such as fur, saliva or urine. Doodles have allergy friendly properties which makes them a great option for those who suffer from mild allergies. For those with sever allergies, it is recommended to do additional testing including spending time around a few doodles.

Do Doodles Shed?

All dogs shed at least some, even poodles. However, it is so little that it is not noticeable and is usually just a few hairs in the brush when they are brushed out. We can not guarantee any puppy to be hypoallergenic or non shedding as there is no way to know for sure how a puppies coat will develop. We have had wonderful feedback from our current puppy families that our doodles have had little to no shedding at adulthood. 

What brushes do you recommend?

For Doodles or Aussies we use these 3 brushes:

Medium Slicker Brush | This will brush the top coat out making it easier to get to the undercoat.


Small Slicker Brush | This brush works great in all the tight spots. Behind the ears, Armpits, Face, etc.


Metal Comb | This is the most important grooming tool for doodles. A metal comb will reach through the top coat and comb out the undercoat and any mats that may be forming. 


Do you offer a health guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 2 year health guarantee which can be reviewed in our Purchase agreement. We also offer an Extended Health guarantee for an additional 2 years (for a total of 4 years) for those who choose to continue feeding Life's Abundance.  

Please Click here to read our full purchase agreement

Where are you located? What if I am out of state?

We are located in beautiful rural Pella Iowa. If you are not within driving distance, not to worry! There are options available to get your puppy home. You are welcome to fly into the DSM airport, we will meet you there so you can get back on the next flight home the same day with your new puppy! If you are not able to make the flight in, we work with a wonderful flight nanny coordinator who can assign a flight nanny for your puppy to fly in cabin with the nanny (being cared for the whole time). The flight Nanny fee is $600-$700 depending on the destination.

I live far away, Can you meet part/half way?

We offer to meet 1 hour one way free of charge for those who are traveling a long distance (5 hours or more one way). As you can imagine, caring for all of our puppies and parent dogs (and our 4 homeschooled daughters) our schedule is very busy. Meeting 1 hour is the maximum we are able to meet.

What sizes do you work with?

We currently work primary with Standard Sizes. This can range from 45 to 90 pounds depending on the parents of the puppy. We will also list the expected weight at maturity with each puppy on our Puppy page. We base the expected weight on the parents weights and feedback from puppy families of any previous puppies from the same parent dogs. 
* Please note we can not guarantee adult weight and/or height at maturity.

What will my puppy come with? When will they be ready to go?

Folder | Each Puppy will go home with a folder including their vaccinations/deworming, Parents health testing results and Microchip information. They will have their 8 week vaccine and bi weekly dewormings before going home at 8 weeks old.

Microchip | All of our puppies will be microchipped before going to their new home

Food | We send home a sample of Purina One Food with our puppies to get them started.

30 Days Insurance | We provide all of our new puppy owners with a Trupanion offer for 30 days of Free pet insurance. The new owner has 24 hours from the time they receive their puppy to activate the offer.
Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age.

Can I join your waiting list?

We keep a Notify List for those interested in being notified when we have a new litter! Those who are ready to add a new family member will have the option to reserve a specific puppy in that litter. We do not take deposits before they are born. 

How does the deposit process work?

We require a $300 non refundable deposit to hold the puppy of your choice. Once we have spoken with you to learn more about you and your family, we have answered any questions you may have and you have chosen your puppy, we will email you with our deposit contract which will secure that specific puppy for you until they are ready to go! 

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept Venmo, Zelle or Walmart/MoneyGram for Deposits. We accept cash only at the time of pickup for final balances if we are meeting with our new puppy families in person. For those who will have a flight nanny transport their puppy, please contract us to discuss final payment. 

Do you have an application we have to fill out?

We do not have a lengthy application. We trust that you have discussed adding a new puppy to your family with everyone in your household as well as your landlord if needed. We also trust that you have done adequate research on the breed you are interested in. We do however have an application we require everyone to fill out. This helps us better understand what you are looking for so we can help you find that perfect new puppy!  

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